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2002 Holiday Ornament Swap!


It's time for the Annual Crafts Forum Holiday Ornament Swap!


This swap is very special because it is open to ALL of our members.  Everyone who celebrates any holiday this winter or just likes little ornaments to hang in the window is invited to participate.  If you would prefer not to receive an ornament with a religious significance, please indicate so when you sign up.Each person who signs up makes ONE ornament using any technique they desire--knitting, crocheting, weaving, cross stitching, tatting, lacemaking, sculpting, painting, woodworking, metalworking, beading, stained glass, sewing, quilting, papermaking, machine embroidery, or any other wonderful method you would like. The only requirement is that the ornament you send must be handmade, preferably by you.  If you are sending an ornament made by someone else, let us know so we can give that person credit!  I will mix them back up and send them out, so you get someone else's handiwork to display and enjoy.


Image Send me your ornament, well padded, and a mailing label with YOUR address on it.  I will take the mailing label from someone else's package, affix it to an envelope (either the one you used to send it, or I will provide one), then place your ornament inside. It will be sent along to that person. I will then take your mailing label and affix it to someone else's envelope, put their ornament inside, and mail it to you. You send one ornament, get another in return. (Please only send one ornament.)


We will upload pictures of the ornaments to our Image Gallery here to share with everyone. 


Here are the DEADLINES:Image


1) Sign up by October 31, 2002.  I need to be  notified that you are in, somehow.  You can post a message in the Crafts Forum Intro section (use the link below, if you like), Safemail ChristinaNorton, or email me at  I will respond to all signups so you will know you are on the list.  A list of all swappers will be posted after the signup deadline.


2) Mail item by November 20, 2002.


Here's WHAT to send:


1) One small ornament.


2) A brief description of your ornament along with your name and your email address on a separate piece of paper or note card, so the recipient knows whom to thank. If it's an original design, please say so; if not, please give the source of the pattern used and the name of the designer so they may be properly credited.  This will be used in the description of the uploaded picture for the library and then sent on to the recipient.  (We will not put your email address into the library.)


3) If the ornament can be mailed in a 6x9 unpadded envelope, you need not send an extra envelope or package for me to send your ornament along to another person. I can provide some padding, such as tissue paper and  packing peanuts. If your ornament needs a box, I will simply rewrap the box you sent to me, and mail that to your swap partner. In other words, you need not send mailing supplies other than your address label in your package.


4) Enough postage to mail your ornament along to someone else. If you are
not in the US, you may send an International Postage Coupon in lieu of
stamps.  These are available at any post office. Please do not send a
metered envelope or sticker as this can only be honored at the post office
of origin.


5)  A mailing label with your name and address clearly printed. Please leave the label loose, as I will need to attach it to an envelope other than the one you send.  If you do not have a label, please print your name & address clearly and I will provide a label.


Here's WHERE to send your package:


Please write out the address exactly as shown below, as this is at a private mail drop rather than through the Post Office.


Tina Norton
1105 Chicago Ave.
Oak Park, IL  60302






This swap is always great fun, so we hope everyone joins us this year! Thanks and happy holidays!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.





Uploaded: 2/21/2004